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Welcome to D.O.P.E. Collective's Online Courses and Workshops section! While our e-courses are still in development, you can download a free workbook today to get a taste of our upcoming curriculums. Our workbooks cover topics such as history, political movements, organizing ideologies and strategies, and non-revisionist history.

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Workshop List

We offer in-house designed workshops that cater to professionals, artists, and the general public who are seeking affordable educational resources and unique perspectives. We offer a range of engaging classes, interactivity, lectures, and in-person socials. Gain a new skill or broaden your compassion base. We can't wait to meet you!

Our downloadable workshop list includes a wide range of topics and is updated regularly, so you always have access to our latest offerings. We welcome your feedback and strive to make our workshops accessible to all, regardless of ability.

  • Immersive Masculinity

  • Gender and Sexuality: Igboland

  • Unpacking Violence: Liberation Within Chaos

  • Zine Making

  • Illegality (In Development)

  • Coercive Sexualities Towards Black Men (In Development)